Can Castells Centre d'Art - Sant Boi de Llobregat - Barcelona

Jo Milne

Visualizing the non-visible world of contemporary physics

Delving into the invisible architectures and patterns that reverberate within our
world, Split Infinites explores the repetition and algorithmic sequencing used by
contemporary physicists to investigate and reveal the hidden dimensions of our
universe; fractals, string theory and the cosmologies of the multiverse. Propositions
that are often, as yet, unverifiable or invisible, but which echo the visualizations
of ancient belief systems.
Harnessing sequencing systems used by physcists in their investigations of string
theory and the multiverse, the prints respond to these propositions that talk of a
world built up of an infinite number of miniscule, oscillating filaments. Employing
digital printing systems, more commonly used in industrial prototyping, the prints
propose an atlas for a multidimensional multiverse. Scientific visualizations interweave
with computerised prototypes and cartographic references. The structures
evolving out of the repetition of simple elements, shifting between the micro and
the macro, suggesting without describing, hinting at a real world, albeit one that
still remains elusive.



Exhibition - Split Infinites, May 2015